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We work with conscious partners focused on producing high quality cannabis products and accessories.


Conscious Partners Conscious Cannabis

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Northern Green Canada Inc. (NGC), headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, is a licensed producer and distributor of cannabis.  The company’s mission is to be the preeminent medical cannabis producer developing formulations grounded on science and research and to provide the highest quality cannabis for the adult-use market. 

NGC’s three key areas of operation are: 

  1. Cultivation of flowers 

  2. Processing of oils for a range of delivery systems and applications 

  3. Advancement of research and development of cannabis with a focus on condition-based clinical studies through wholly-owned subsidiary Northern Green Sciences. 

Committed to elevating the role of cannabinoid-based therapies in healthcare, NGC offers pharmaceutical grade cannabis products to adults and patients seeking relief from qualifying medical conditions while improving their overall well-being.


Flowr was founded by master cultivators and facility design experts who truly believe in cannabis and the plants’ place in society. They pursue the perpetual improvement of their crops and genetics, and the normalization of cannabis use. Flowr cultivates in a state-of-the-art facility in the Okanagan Valley, BC, with all cannabis tended by its in-house team.

Cultivated with passion, skill and the consumer experience in mind, Flowr is committed to a single goal: provide consumers with clean, consistent cannabis products that are the fullest expression of each cultivar.

Agripharm is a licensed producer of cannabis with expertise in both cultivation and extraction. Agripharm is Canada’s producer for world-leading cannabis brands, including Firefly, O.pen and Green House Seed Co. Founded in 2013, Agripharm is home to both the first cannabis production facility built from the ground up and the first supercritical CO2 extraction lab in Canada.

They believe in creating the highest quality of cannabis and sharing it with the world.

Aurora; they’re all about cannabis and people. Not just their hardworking teams, but the people and communities around the world that they serve every day.

Their entrepreneurial drive and Canadian values go hand-in-hand with their noble aspirations. They are global trailblazers because they represent the future of cannabis and cannabis culture. It’s why they educate to remove the stigma around consumption, and why through scientific research they advance the cultivation of cannabis so that people can trust in its many benefits.

Aurora continues investing in a technological infrastructure that will advance the growth of their consistent and high-quality strains. Innovations that give them the scale to grow more than half a billion grams a year at their purpose-built indoor facilities.

When championing better days for all, you can’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Aurora isn’t afraid to take risks, to be first, to be the best as they pioneer the future of cannabis for the world.

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TerrAscend is a global cannabinoid company that creates new and innovative products, formulations, and brands focused on the needs of patients and consumers. As the first North American Operator with global reach, and first and only company with sales in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, we aim to elevate industry standards through operational integrity and scientific innovation. At TerrAscend, our goal is to deliver high-quality, consistent, and reliable cannabis products, brands, and services that exceed industry standards and customer expectations.