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Good Values Drive Powerful Brands

We firmly believe that to succeed our organization must be driven by values rather than profit. As we drive towards the exciting future of the cannabis industry, we know that what sets us apart and gives our company meaning is the social impact we can accomplish through the success of our brands.


Trust — Our integrity relies on the standard of transparency, honesty and commitment to which we hold ourselves responsible.

Respect — Our communications and partnerships are built on a foundation of respect. We believe that to build relationships and move the company forward we need to communicate authentically and treat everyone with dignity.

Equality — We believe opportunity is for all to take. We embrace differences and cherish the advantages of diversity in who we hire and who we work with.

Compassion — The driving force behind everything we do. We believe people and the planet take precedence over profits.

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Our Vision

To be the earth’s most socially-impactful cannabis company. We set the standard for what’s possible.


Our Mission

To realize superior return on investment, use business to inspire, and implement solutions to social issues. We’ll achieve this by cultivating a portfolio of the most culturally influential brands in cannabis.




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