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A Higher Vision

Devoted to Enchantment

WINK is a different kind of company purpose-built for unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. Leveraging our influential network to advance the greater good of people and our planet, we donate 10% of our profits to progress our communities. We don’t buy-in – we’re already here. Our mandate is to be the catalyst for progressing culture in Fashion, Art and Music.

It just so happens we also sell high-quality cannabis products. By partnering with Canada’s best licensed producers, we are able to source the highest-quality supply, manufacture premium products and share them with you, the community.”

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The Authentic Cannabis Experience for Women

A new type of relaxation

Blissed is a cannabis brand with an extraordinary approach in empowering women to live a happier, healthier and a more authentic existence through educational content, community building activations and purposefully-designed products.

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Fair Priced, Better Cannabis

Better Buds

Thumbs Up Brand scours Canada for the absolute best cannabis flower, from the nation’s best growers at the best price. We send in our experts to make sure the bud is top notch, every time. We look for healthy, clean genetics and plants, dense, trichrome-rich flowers and masterful curing processes - all to bring you better weed, every time.

Better Price

Good weed doesn’t have to break the bank. We think it should be a fair price for both the grower and the consumer. Our mission is better quality at a better price.

Better Brand

We are legit weed enthusiasts, cannabis connoisseurs and daily smokers - so we know the best when we see it. This brand is a gift from us…to you. You’re welcome!

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